Bentley Bentayga recalled for rear seat bolt issue

Bentley Bentayga

239 British-registered Bentaygas are affected; 1619 models have been recalled worldwide

The Bentley Bentayga SUV has been recalled after it was discovered that bolts that join the car’s rear seats to the floor may not have been tightened correctly.

In total, 1619 cars are being recalled worldwide, with 239 of them in Britain. While the issue could lead to risk of injury in a crash, a Bentley spokesperson confirmed that no UK owners had become aware of any problems.

Instead, the recall has been issued to allow Bentley’s Crewe factory to check cars that may be affected. Currently, Bentley;s database is missing information to confirm the seats were fitted correctly.

Owners of affected cars are being contacted to arrange checks.

Bentley expects to have sold 5500 Bentaygas before the close of 2016, and with the arrival of the diesel model next year, predicts further growth in that number. That car swaps the regular Bentayga’s twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 engine for a 3.75-litre turbocharged diesel unit.

It’s eight tenths of a second slower from 0-62mph than the petrol model, taking 4.8sec, but offers a claimed 35.8mpg combined – 14.2mpg more than the W12 – and costs from £135,800, which is £26,900 less than the petrol model.

As such, the diesel model is expected to take the majority of Bentayga sales in many markets, including Britain.

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