Bugatti appoints former VW executive as head of development

Stefan Ellrott

Stefan Ellrott will answer to Wolfgang Durheimer when he assumes the position at the end of 2016

Bugatti has appointed Stefan Ellrott as its new head of development, starting at the end of 2016.

He replaces Willi Netuschil, who has been head of development since 2012 and is retiring from his role. Ellrott leaves his current role as head of the geometry and function department at Volkswagen.

He was previously head of prototype management at VW’s technical development department and before that, headed up development at Volkswagen Individual, which deals with bespoke VWs and special orders from customers, such as custom colours.

Ellrott’s predecessor at Bugatti, Netuschil, is responsible for the Chiron, so it’s likely that the next hypercar project and Chiron variants will come down to Ellrott.

Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer said: “With Stefan Ellrott, we are welcoming to our ranks an experienced vehicle developer and engineer. We are very pleased to have secured his services for Bugatti and are looking forward to tackling our future projects together and shaping the future of our brand.”

It’s not yet known whether a second model will be added to the Bugatti lineup, but there is speculation around a four-door Bugatti coming to the range, as well as possible Chiron variants and editions, including successors to the Veyron Grand Sport and Veyron SuperSport.

Ellrott will not be working on a Chiron roadster, as Bugatti’s sales and marketing boss Stefan Brungs confirmed no such variant is planned.

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