Hyundai’s Nissan Juke rival spotted under development

Hyundai’s Nissan Juke rival spotted under development

Hyundai will bring a Nissan Juke-sized SUV to market in 2018; it will rival a fleet of small SUVs from across the industry

Hyundai’s small SUV has been spotted testing ahead of an expected launch next year.

The new model is expected to arrive on the market in 2018, and will be the third SUV in the Hyundai line-up. It will rival the Nissan Juke and Vauxhall Mokka X, as well as upcoming small SUVs including the Seat Arona and an upcoming Skoda.

Hyundai recently trademarked the ix25 and ix30 badges once again in Europe, but Hyundai’s UK CEO Tony Whitehorn denied knowledge of any plans to bring the badges to the UK, as a small SUV or otherwise. The ix35 badge was previously used on the Tucson, while the ix25 name was used on a concept SUV which then became the Creta in emerging markets.

Speaking to Autocar recently, Whitehorn revealed that Hyundai’s SUVs are named rather than being given alphanumeric titles to separate them from the brand’s volume models, like the i10, i20 and i30. This means that the car will have a name, most likely based on a place name like the Tucson and Santa Fe, although Whitehorn couldn’t comment on this.

The pictured test car of the small SUV appears to have a similar rear light cluster to the i30 and i20, as well as split light clusters at the front, with the indicators and LED daytime running lights above the regular headlights. A large central grille dominates the front of the car, as seen on the i30.

The new SUV is likely to share engines with the 2017 i30, given the two models’ similar sizes and the new engines the i30 will add to the Hyundai range, so expect to see a turbocharged 1.0-litre and turbocharged and naturally aspirated 1.4-litre petrols, as well as a 1.6-litre diesel in the SUV’s range.

The petrols produce 118bhp, 138bhp and 99bhp in the i30 respectively, while the diesel comes in 94bhp, 108bhp or 131bhp guises.

Prices for the new Hyundai SUV are expected to be slightly less than those of the Nissan Juke, so an entry-level figure of around £16,000 is likely.

A Hyundai spokesman couldn’t give any further details on the model. 

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