London Mayor calls for Volkswagen to pay Dieselgate compensation

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Sadiq Khan wants VW to pay out for lost congestion charge revenue and to compensate affected car owners

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on Volkswagen to both compensate owners affected by the Dieselgate scandal and to pay £2.5 million in lost congestion charge revenue.

Khan has written to VW, saying “there is no excuse for the utter lack of action VW has taken in London since the ‘dieselgate’ scandal came to light,” according to The Guardian.

He continued: “I want to see a proper commitment from them to fully compensate the thousands of Londoners who bought VW cars in good faith, but whose diesel engines are now contributing to London’s killer air.

“I also urge them to reimburse Transport for London (TfL) the £2.5m lost in congestion charge revenue, which I will use to fund a new schools air quality programme that will reduce the exposure and raise the awareness of schoolchildren in London attending schools in the most polluted areas.”

Khan said that London was home to 80,000 VW vehicles affected by the “cheat devices” – software that allowed various Volkswagen models to detect when they were being tested for emissions and change engine settings to pass. The scandal affected 11 million vehicles worldwide.

Volkswagen has agreed a deal in the US to compensate owners and dealers who were misled by the emissions claims but has said it will not pay out in Europe.

Khan, who became London mayor in May this year, also requested that VW updates him on progress on the reprogramming of affected vehicles, asking when the work would be completed.

The UK Government has also urged VW to pay compensation to British owners and threatened prosecution over the scandal. The company already faces legal proceedings in several countries around the world, including the US, Norway, South Korea and Germany.

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