McLaren doubles car sales in 2016

McLaren celebrates 10,000th car

McLaren posted growth of 99.3% last year, with a third consecutive year of profitability under its belt

McLaren’s car sales doubled in 2016 over 2015, led by the success of the 570S.

The supercar firm shifted 3286 cars in 2016, compared with 1654 in the previous year.

It also celebrated its 10,000th production car in 2016, a ceramic grey 570S finished by McLaren Special Operations.

McLaren expected to sell 3000 cars over the year, so exceeded its own expectation by almost 10%. Its Sports Series cars – including the 570GT and 570S models – drove the growth with 2031 sales over the year.

The best-selling single model across the range was the 570S – the cheapest model in the line-up before the introduction of the 540C late last year.

The more expensive and powerful Super Series cars, which include the 675LT Coupe and Spider, accounted for the remaining 1255 sales in 2016.

McLaren is yet to confirm UK-specific sales figures for last year.

Mike Flewitt, chief executive officer of McLaren Automotive, said: “2016 was a remarkable year for McLaren Automotive. We’d planned it to be a year of considerable growth, thanks to the first full year of Sports Series production, but it’s surpassed even our own optimistic expectations.”

North America was McLaren’s largest market, and took around a third of all deliveries at 1139, while Europe took 996. All of McLaren Automotive’s areas of business grew, with Europe growing the most at 153% and North America growing by 106%. 228 cars were sold in China.

McLaren shows no signs of slowing its product offensive, as it prepares to launch the replacement for the 650S at the Geneva motor show in March. We’ve spotted this model testing multiple times. McLaren plans 15 new cars by 2022, comprising both derivatives and stand-alone models.

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