TerraClean is a unique decarbonisation technology which makes a significant improvement to the Emissions, MPG and Driveability/Performance of your vehicle.

Whilst quite new to the UK marketplace, TerraClean technology is proving its value to private vehicle owners and fleet operators alike with both saving money by reduced fuel costs and lowering their emissions. Essentially by taking a vehicle back to its level of cleanliness not long after being new the efficiency and performance are improved.

Here at CVS we are proud to say that we are the only TerraCleanservice centre in the NE38 area of Washington. We provide the TerraClean service at Stirling Close for both petrol and diesel cars.

TerraClean will help your car pass stringent emission test requirements and reduce your spending on fuel. If you travel over 3000 miles a year, an annual TerraClean service will save you money.

Visit the TerraClean site to check out how it works www.terraclean.co.uk you won’t be disappointed.