2016 BMW M240i review

BMW M240i

More power, more speed, more noise: BMW’s revamped and renamed performance coupé is sweeter than ever

The BMW naming convention music has stopped once again, and in this year’s scramble for a seat; the M235i has been elbowed aside by the new M240i and been made to sit in the corner. But in truth, there is more to this replacement than just a bigger-numbered badge affixed the compact two-door coupé’s bootlid. In the same vein as the new M140i hatch we drove only recently, BMW has fiddled its twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six petrol engine to produce an extra 14bhp at 5500rpm, bringing the new total to 335bhp, and it now offers 369lb ft between 1520 and 4500rpm – some 37lb ft more twist.Naturally, the M240i is now quicker in a sprint, our manual car officially capable of 0-62mph in 4.8sec, 0.2sec faster than the M235i. And in yet more Bavarian wizardry, fuel economy is also improved by up to 7%, meaning the manual version now returns 36.2mpg on the combined cycle and emits 179g/km of CO2.The final headline changes are a new rev-linked vibration damper (on the automatic version only) that aids engine refinement between shifts under load, and a new acoustic bonnet shield that’s designed to filter out other noises to make the engine sound purer.
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