2016 Mini Cooper S Works 210 review

Mini Cooper S Works 210

Mini’s 210 combines the better comfort and refinement of a Cooper S with the rorty soundtrack and improved performance of a John Cooper Works

The Cooper S Works 210 is, according to Mini, the sweet spot that sits between the well-rounded Cooper S and the focused but fierce John Cooper Works. The recipe used to create the new model is relatively simple, and one we’ve seen before in the form of the limited run Mini 210 Challenge Edition. Essentially, Mini has taken the standard three-door Cooper S, added a new John Cooper Works pro tuning kit, a tasty free-flowing exhaust (both fitted at the dealer, post registration) and a whole host of aerodynamic upgrades.As the name suggests, these simple modifications have resulted in an increase in power, with the 210bhp Works packing 18bhp more than the standard S it’s based on. However, despite this added power, Mini has opted to leave the chassis untouched – a potentially clever move considering how well suited the standard Cooper S is to being used as daily hot hatch.Aesthetically, the upgrades are rather subtle, with the aforementioned John Cooper Works aerodynamic kit and 17in alloy wheels the only indicators that this is an all-new model. 
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