2017 Ford Fiesta ST could be AWD

Ford Fiesta Active

Ford Fiesta Active

The success of the Focus RS may prompt Ford to offer an all-wheel-drive version of its smaller sibling

Ford can quite easily build an all-wheel-drive version of the next Fiesta, the brand has confirmed, raising the possibility of a hot all-wheel-drive version of the next ST model.

The engineering would be possible because the Fiesta is based on a modified version of the same global small car platform as the EcoSport small SUV, which is sold with a 4×4 version in some markets. “The platform, in general, can take 4×4,” Ford of Europe’s head of vehicle engineering, Joe Bakaj, told Autocar.

He wouldn’t confirm nor deny whether future hot Fiestas would go down the same AWD route as the Ford Focus RS.

The RS, with its ‘drift’ function enabled via active torque vectoring through the rear wheels, has gained plaudits and a mass of positive publicity for Ford, which could prompt it to do something similar for the Fiesta.

The AWD drive platform could also spawn a 4×4 version of the new Active crossover-styled version of the Fiesta, although Bakaj said that was unlikely, given the Active’s sub-EcoSport price point.

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