2017 Renault Twingo GT UK review

2017 Renault Twingo GT UK review

The Renault Sport-fettled city car is a quirky new addition to the class, and our first UK drive shows it to be a fun runabout, if not a hardened hot hatch

When we drove the Renault Twingo GT on its international launch, we found it to be a city car that didn’t quite live up to its promise on paper. The thought of a rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive Renault Sport-fettled pocket rocket had expectations soaring, but the reality wasn’t quite so dramatic.But let’s be clear: the Twingo GT is not technically a fully-fledged Renault Sport model. This is no successor to the riotous Renaultsport Twingo 133 but rather a top-spec variant of the Twingo city car. Don’t dismiss it as a limp new trim level though, because the revisions to it are significant.Although it has the same turbocharged 898cc three-cylinder unit as the standard model, it’s had a power hike taking it from 89bhp to 109bhp, thanks to a remap and an air vent above the left rear wheel arch, from where it supplies more cold air into the engine’s intake.The suspension has been worked on, too. Renault Sport has made it 40% stiffer, made the front anti-roll bar thicker and lowered the ride height by 20mm. It could cope with the smooth French asphalt we tested it on, but we’re driving the car in the UK to see how these suspension revisions cope with our roads.
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