Apple no longer building its own car

Apple iCar artist's impression

Apple’s tumultuous Project Titan no longer has the objective of making its own car

Apple is no longer making a car of its own, and will instead focus on providing autonomous technology.

Although nothing final has been announced, Bloomberg reports that the months of disarray in the project have culminated in Apple changing the goal of the project, while around 1000 members of the team have either resigned, been dismissed or reassigned.

The news echoes similar reports regarding Google’s efforts to produce an autonomous car of its own.

A final decision on the Apple car project’s outcome will be decided before the end of 2017. This gives Apple the scope to either design its own vehicle in the future, or start by working with other car makers, providing its technology to power a car under an existing marque. 

Apple and McLaren were previously reported to be in talks in which the tech giant was said to be looking into a takeover bid of the UK-based supercar maker. The talks have since closed, and both parties declined to comment on the matter.

There has always been a level of secrecy around the commonly called Apple iCar, as well as an ongoing trickle of headlines about Apple’s hiring process from Tesla, vice versa, and Faraday Future’s hiring from both. This report seemingly puts an end to the numerous rumours surrounding Apple’s first foray into motoring, though.  

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