Driverless Volkswagen coupe shown in new patent images

Autonomous Volkswagen coupe shown in new patent images

Futuristic VW model does away with a glass windscreen and features active aerodynamics

Design images of a sleek Volkswagen coupé have been published on the Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website, offering the first glimpse of a potential future autonomous model to come from the German marque.

The low-slung model looks like a two-door coupé with active aerodynamic features, including an extendable rear fin. The above view also shows that it features gull-wing hinges for its doors, and the design’s lengthy shape suggests it has been crafted with minimal air resistance in mind.

No technical details have been revealed along with the images, but the alack of glass windscreen hints that this could be an autonomous concept developed to demonstrate driverless technology.

VW revealed its first purpose-built all-electric model, the ID, at the Paris motor show last month. The model was claimed to closely preview a production EV model that’ll arrive in 2020.

It’s plausible that the patent images seen today are for a following model that’ll influence a later coupé production model in VW’s future electric line-up.

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