Ferrari GTC4 V8 targets younger buyers

Ferrari GTC4 V8

Italian brand wants its new rear-wheel-drive four-seater to draw in new customers

Brand bosses hope the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T will attract significantly younger buyers than the four-wheel-drive V12 GTC4 Lusso, due to its lower price.

Ferrari said its rear-wheel-drive, turbocharged V8-powered model, which is expected to cost 12-15% less than the £230,430 GTC4 Lusso, had been developed for markets where the V12’s four-wheel drive is not needed, saving weight and potentially improving agility.

The twin-turbocharged V8 is a lightly modified version of that used by the California T. It develops 601bhp in the GTC4 Lusso T, along with 561lb ft from 3000-5250rpm, aided by a high (for a turbocharged engine) compression ratio of 9.4:1. The V12 makes 680bhp, plus 514lb ft at 5750rpm.

The V8’s 0-62mph time is only 0.1sec behind that of the V12, at 3.5sec, and its ‘over 199mph’ top speed is less than 9mph adrift of the V12’s. Excellent throttle response is promised, along with 24.4mpg combined and CO2 emissions of 265g/km.

Like the V12, the Lusso T features rear-wheel steering and an e-diff, while a dry weight of 1790kg is claimed. Deleting the front diff, driveshafts and four cylinders pares only 50kg from the car’s weight. Ferrari claims more agile handling, while saying the V12 GTC4 Lusso remains quicker around its Fiorano test track.

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