Four-door Mahindra e2o Plus electric model confirmed in official images

Mahindra teases four-door e2o Plus electric model

Mahindra’s all-electric e2o will gain a four-door variant, badged e2o Plus; styling has been partially revealed in images released by the Indian car manufacturer

The Mahindra e2o Plus has been confirmed in images released by the Indian automotive giant.

Two images of the car have been released; one showing the rear of the car and the other showing the car’s profile, which is notably longer than that of its two-door sibling.

A third image shows the front styling of the car, but this appears unchanged from the standard e2o. The teaser website for the model hints that more of the car’s styling will be revealed in the coming days.

The standard two-door four-seater e2o has a claimed range of 79 miles, and costs from £12,995 after UK plug-in grants, which rises to £15,995 for the higher-spec TechX car.

It’s likely that the entry-level price of the e2o Plus will fit between these, so a price of around £14,500 is likely, but not confirmed. Specs will mirror those of the standard e2o, so a TechX trim will top the e2o Plus range, and cost around £3000 more than the entry-level car.

The top speed of the standard e2o is 63mph, and 25mph is reached in 4.9sec, with a 13.9kWh battery pack doing the work. The e2o Plus is highly likely to be mechanically identical to the standard e2o, so performance will be much the same, if slightly hindered by the extra weight. If anything, extra range will be added, because the longer wheelbase means there’s room for extra batteries.

Mahindra, despite its fossil-fuelled cars around the rest of the world, will have an electric-only range in the UK . The company also owns Ssangyong, and has a team in Formula E

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