Correct wheel alignment simply refers to the measuring and adjusting of your wheels and suspension to ensure that they all point in the right direction.

Even a small discrepancy in wheel alignment can mean that for every mile you drive in a straight line, one or more of your tyres will be “scrubbed” sideways by a couple of metres. This soon adds up to a lot of unnecessary tyre wear, and can affect the safe handling of your vehicle.

It is important to get your wheel alignment checked regularly, as it can be affected by everyday driving such as a pothole in the road. It may well be out of alignment even before you notice some of the tell-tale signs such as the vehicle “pulling “ to one side.

Laser wheel alignment in Washington and Tyne and Wear

CVS provide a 4-wheel alignment service for all makes and models of cars. Using state of the art equipment we will accurately measure and adjust the angles of your car wheels to ensure a smooth ride, reduced tyre wear and improved handling.

Wheel alignment is carried out by our fully trained technicians while-u-wait.

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laser wheel alignment