The critical areas of a combustion engine be it petrol or diesel are controlled by either a timing belt or timing chain. The job of either a belt or chain is to drive and maintain the camshafts and crankshafts in synchronisation.

In the event of a failure of either of these items excessive engine damage may occur, resulting in high labour costs to resolve the issue and in some cases extensive engine repair or even replacement.

Specific Maintenance

With timing belts all vehicle manufacturers have a specified age or mileage for changing your belt to avoid potential breakdowns or high costs. The age or mileage limit is usually displayed in your owners handbook, alternatively if the book is unavailable please contact a member or our team by phone or via our contact form and we’ll provide all the information and costing you’ll require using your vehicle registration number. Within this quote we may also include a price for recommended replacements along with the timing belt, Items such as water pumps (that are also driven by the belt), or your alternator drive belt. We do this to avoid a potential failure in the future and keep repeat labour costs to a minimum.

Timing Chains

Timing chains are now the preferred method for manufacturers. Luckily with chains you will receive a warning that there’s an issue, this will be either a fault light on the dash related to engine management or the chain becomes very noisy, a metallic rattle especially from cold starting is the first sign of any potential issues. Again, a member or our team will be able to advise you of any repair or replacement and the costs involved. Included in your quote are all the required replacement parts including guides and tensioners required to keep the chain in correct working order. Some vehicles suffer from a stretched chain scenario which can be caused by oil starvation, we can help with this with our revolutionary EDT engine deep clean service.

The right tools for the job

We only use original manufacturer or equivalent replacement parts. If we do not have the right tool for your vehicle, we will not replace, or quote for replacing, the timing belt. Using incorrect tools can cause extensive engine damage or problems with your engines performance, leading to the new timing belt breaking sooner than it should. Always ensure your repairer has the correct setting tools for your vehicle before authorising any work to be carried out.

Don’t leave changing your timing belt until it’s too late. We replace belts for all makes and models at very competitive rates. Call¬†0191 4174151.