Tesla boss wants UK engineering facility

Tesla to open UK engineering facility

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that he admires British talent enough that he is considering opening a Tesla engineering group in the UK

Tesla is looking into establishing a UK-based engineering facility, said CEO Elon Musk at the brand’s recent announcement of its Grohmann Engineering takeover.

Few details were revealed of the plans, but the Telegraph reported Musk’s comments following the announcement. The Tesla boss wasn’t specific about the timeframe, simply stating “We are likely to establish a Tesla engineering group in Britain at some point in the future.”

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The plan hasn’t been disturbed by Brexit, and that this would neither divert the company from its plan to open a UK-based engineering centre nor its plan to make electric cars more accessible in price.

The Tesla CEO said that his admiration for the talent displayed in Formula 1 influenced the decision, although he made no mention of any Formula E involvement. Tesla’s rival company Faraday Future, as well as more mainstream manufacturers including Jaguar and Audi, have got involved in the series for the current season, and there are reports of more manufacturers looking into it.

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Musk revealed his plans during the press conference after the announcement, and also disclosed his plan to find a suitable location for a European Gigafactory, the search for which begins next year. Tesla’s acquisition of Grohmann Engineering took place in order to speed up the company’s ambitious aims of future production and meeting demand for the Model 3.

A Tesla spokesman couldn’t add any further comment. 

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